Code of Conduct


Standards of conduct are part of the USA Softball National Code and USA SOFTBALL OF DFW Rule and Regulations. Every member of USA Softball shall respect those standards. Registration with USA Softball constitutes an agreement to follow these standards. A manager, coach, player or other individuals affiliated with the team shall not violate any of the following:

  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct or any derogatory action on or off the playing field.
  2. Verbal or physical threat upon an umpire or USA Softball official.
  3. Destruction of property, abusive behavior or violation of state or federal law.
  4. Non-payment of debts to USA Softball or an affiliated member.
  5. Failure to have all team members in the JO program individually registered through USA Softball.
  6. Failure to have all adult team members in the JO program background checked.
  7. Failure to have one member of the team ACE Education during Championship play.
  8. Playing under an assumed name or falsifying information to a USA Softball official.
  9. Writing checks with non-sufficient funds or closed accounts to a USA Softball official.
  10. Commission of fraud perpetrated against a USA Softball representative, team or individual.
  11. Commission of fraud larceny against a USA Softball representative, team or individual.
  12. Use of any USA Softball logos or trademarks without express permission.
  13. Commission of any acts that are contrary to the objectives and purpose of USA Softball.
  14. Forfeiting a game in Championship play
  15. Competing with or against individuals or teams who are suspended from USA Softball play.
  16. Any other acts of suspension as listed in the USA Softball code.